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okay but who the fuck gave willow pape my number


jackson wang would have one of those blogs where the description is like “come talk to me, i don’t bite….. unless you’re into that ;)”

Interviewer: So Coolio, who was your favorite BTS member to work with?

Coolio: Not Kim Taehyung

"if you hate getting questions about your sexuality THAT much then why don't you just put it on your about page or something"


bc it’s none aya damn bidness

"are you bi or...?"


why do i get asks about my sexuality every damn day? can we please move forward it’s time to progress


lol: lots of lesbians

rotfl: really open to friendly lesbians

lmao: lesbians make awesome omelettes

omg: oh my girls

ily: i love yuri

wtf: where’s the females

fyi: females… yes… interesting…

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do u ever stop in the middle of whatever ur doing and think like wow. kim kardashian and kanye west are married and ahve a child. god is out there and he is watching over all ofus.

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