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*native americans get their land stolen* hey at least my braces are free

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my family had to put off our disney world vacation by a year to pay for my braces

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joan rivers wakes up, says ‘glad it’s not me getting dragged for now’, goes back into coma

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I don’t care if y’all are friends with him but like I have zero sympathy for that rhyse person or the fact that his old stuff gets brought up. it’s not like he said nigga in a post once, he literally said Native Americans were lazy alcoholics like??? Idc if he said it 3 years ago or yesterday. I don’t like him and you can’t expect everyone to forgive him and get over it just because you did

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ok but where are all these ebony blogs coming from

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seansoo replied to your post: “seansoo hey daddy :-)”:

rude af honestly black-pussy-11 wouldn’t do me like this

the concept of anonymous was created by a white I can tell.

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seansoo hey daddy :-)


Remember when pizzaforpresident blamed native Americans because he couldn’t go to Disneyland

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